Communicate with Elements and Patterns

Images and Videos

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Featured image

The featured image component provides a drop shadow behind your image. You may choose not to add a drop shadow, depending on how your image will be used within your layout. 

Build a featured image in Omni CMS

Missouri State University sign on Bear Boulevard.



Incorrect use of featured image component

The featured image component is intended to be used with images. If inserting icons/graphics on your page, you will want to insert your icon/graphic as a photo using the WYSIWYG toolbar (with no drop shadow). Below is an example of how the featured image component (standalone) may be used incorrectly:

Missouri State University logo

Featured video

The Featured Video (standalone) component embeds a video within your content with Missouri State branding applied. Find out how to insert video, with or without the blue drop shadow, on to your page.  

Build a featured video in Omni CMS


Flickr slideshow

Using your user id and photo set id, this component pulls photos from your flickr account into a slideshow.

Build a flickr slideshow in Omni CMS

MSU photo slider

This component provides a revolving photo carousel. Feature multiple photos or graphics of related items – saving space on your page. 

Build an MSU photo slider in Omni CMS